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What We're About

Our Vision | Our Mission | Our Values  


Our Vision

Becoming | Relating | Serving

Growing in Love to Live Like Jesus

We want to be a community centered upon the Person and teaching of Jesus Christ where all feel welcomed and accepted as they are (High Invitation).

But to follow Jesus Christ means to bring our lives into submission to Him as Lord through the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit. Therefore in the context of loving relationships, we are also encouraging each other to lay down our lives in love for others (High Challenge).


This calls for growth for us all in who we are BECOMING (our Freedom & Fullness) …

how we are RELATING … and how we are SERVING as the Holy Spirit heals, empowers and guides us.

Our Mission

Encountering God | Becoming Family | Impacting the World

'Encountering God'
Building Authentic Friendships


Jesus' Model

Our friendship with God parallels our friendships with others - we intentionally invest in both.


Covenant Love and Kingdom Lifestyles

We are a redemptive presence wherever we go as we   increasingly living out our promises and practices.



We connect in groups of 2-4 (men with men, women with women) for deeper knowing, caring, accountability and encouragement.

We learn to ask good questions and listen well.

'Becoming Family'
Extended Families on Mission

Food, fun and Spirit-empowered fellowship

Gathering intentionally with others to provide a visible expression of God's Kingdom and an experience of community into which we can invite new people 


Know, Care and Serve

Grow in relationship and care for one another as we partner with God on His mission


Base of 2 - 3 mixed households

Various ages and types of households come together as a expression of God's kingdom family

'Impacting Our World'
Proclaiming and Demonstrating the Kingdom of God 



Gospel Ministry

Being agents for reconciliation and peace-making


Justice and Compassion

Advocating for justice and expressing compassion towards the last and the least, those on the fringes of our society, as did Jesus


Seeking the Kingdom

We look for signs of the Kingdom in all arenas of life - our families, community, workplace and the Church


Our Values

(Which undergird our practices)

Gathering | Love | Growth | Giving | Grace



We meet in different settings to celebrate and encounter God through Scripture and the Spirit's revelation, to build up one another through prophecy (speaking on behalf of God) and heal through prayer (speaking with God) looking for the manifestation of the Holy Spirit (who is God) in all and through all.


Jesus' new commandment is that we love one another as an expression of the love of the Father poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit. The apostle Paul said all that matters is faith working through love, serving one another. Such love leads to growing friendships and family.


All living things grow and the fruit of the Spirit working in us will be growth into Christlikeness ... as we seek to live and relate more like Jesus did with his disciples through friendship and community, in the power of the Holy Spirit.


God so loved the world that He gave ... first ... while we were yet sinners and disinterested in His love. We too seek to extend hospitality and love by opening our hearts, our wallets and our calendars to others so that many would be won over by God's love for them and we would be renewed in that same love for us. This is "Good News" indeed and worth giving away!


God generously gave His Son, He accepts us as we are if we would but believe it, and He forgives us so we need not live in shame. We belong ,,, and so do you. We want to demonstrate this grace through acts of compassion, acts of mercy and forgiveness and through working for justice for all, regardless of creed, colour or background. It is by grace that we are restored and made new and this leads us back to worship!

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