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Our Staff Team

Dan joined Jericho Road Church with the vision and drive to improve upon our Non-Profit Organization, and focused on developing the organization with experience and integrity.


Mike Watson

Senior Pastor

Mike & his wife Carol came to Jericho Road initially for Mike to serve as Interim Pastor in December 2018 but was appointed permanent Senior pastor in September 2019. Originally from the northeast of England (Yorkshire), they have also lived in the US for 20 years before coming to Port Alberni. Married in 1979, they have three children and five grand-children. Mike enjoys golf, working out, reading, watching soccer and relaxing at the beach.


Dan Servatius

Youth & Worship Pastor

Dan is excited to be part of the Jericho Road family for almost 3 years. He has returned here to Port Alberni to serve in different areas of the church and community, mostly in the areas of youth ministry and music. Usually you can find Dan with a good cup of coffee in hand, or trying to convince himself the Canucks are still a good hockey team (at least on the Playstation!), or trying to enjoy the outdoors and take his family on a hike!


Sarah Williams

Office Administrator

Sarah, her husband Gordon and daughter Pallas returned to the Alberni Valley in 2009 to pursue entrepreneurship & live near family. During that time, they operated Gramma’s Trunk, GT Vintage Parlour, THE PLACE & currently Adorn Atelier, Sarah Williams Official and Revolved Furniture & Woodworking. Other than the visual arts, creative endeavors & spirituality, Sarah also has a passion for plant-based nutrition, biking & running.

Wild Nature

Who We Are

Staff | Core Leadership Team | Council

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Chris Knudsen

Building Maintenance Manager

Chris & his wife Crystal moved from Prince George to Port Alberni in 2018. Together they have two children; Chantelle & Joel. Other than gardening, Chris has a passion for the outdoors. He enjoys ATVing, hiking, snowmobiling and snowshoeing.

Core Leadership Team

IMG_4462 2.jpg

Ev Bradbury

Ev was drawn to Jericho Road Church in 2015 through the love, passion and dream they had for people. Ev has lived in Port Alberni all her life and currently has a suite in her son's house at Sproat Lake. There she gets to enjoy 2 of her wonderful grandchildren. Her daughter, son-in-law and 3 more grandchildren live in Duncan. She loves to visit them as often as she can. Her family fostered about 2 dozen teenagers over a 15 year span. Her son and his wife are carrying on the tradition with 2 lovely girls living with them at the present. 


Audrey Dol

Jericho Road Church is a Pastor & Elder-led church. This group is called the Core Leadership Team and are recognized as the governing body responsible for the spiritual oversight and integrity of Jericho Road Church and serve as the Board of Directors of the Society.


We also work with a Church Council made up of the Core Leadership team and currently 5 elected members from the congregation. The Council is the recognized consultative body responsible for overseeing general business matters, administration of material things, and the finances of Jericho Road Church.

Our Council Members

I was born and raised in southern Ontario. I moved to B.C. at age 19  to get more acquainted with my intended (Frank). We have enjoyed 42 years of marriage and we are still learning the art of sharing our lives. We are blessed with three children, Jocelyn, Rachel and Nic and they have given us six wonderful grandchildren. 

I'm interested in event planning, gardening, sewing, music & theatre, practicing hospitality and (God willing), travelling more of this awesome planet.

We are pleased to be a part of Jericho Road's unique ministry and hope to make available our giftings to help build up the body and reach out to our community.


Frank Dol

I am number 17 out of 18 children with 5 girls and 13 boys. We are mostly one to two years apart in birth. I became a Christian at the age of 24 while travelling in New Zealand and searching for the meaning and purpose of life. I joined an organization called 'Youth with a Mission', that had a huge influence in my early years. 

I met Audrey in Scotland while serving with 'Youth with a Mission'. We corresponded by letter for two years, then got engaged here in Port Alberni. After living and serving with the church in Tahsis for 20 years, we moved to Maple Ridge for 16 years and now we are back to where it all started.


Carol Watson

I grew up on a farm in North Yorkshire and married Mike in 1979. We have three children and five grandchildren who still live in the US. I work part-time as a Chaplain and Relational coach online with a company in Austin, Texas.
I enjoy decorating, writing, painting, and growing flowers.
I like helping people grow in their human relationships but also in their identity and purpose as a child of God.
Life certainly has been a wonderful adventure and continues to unfold at Jericho Road.


Audrey Dol
Council Chair

Randy Servatius

Max Banton
Building Manager


Terrie Pighin


Karin Brown

Don McInroy

Jericho Road Church is affiliated with the Anglican Mission in Canada (AMiC).

Affiliation with the AMiC means that our Core Leadership Team is also accountable to the Bishops of the AMiC.

We are a member of The Anglican Mission in Canada. It is a missionary movement focused on raising up vibrant and authentic followers of Jesus Christ through organic congregations and a lifestyle of Christ-likeness.

The Anglican Mission in Canada has roots in the worldwide Anglican Communion through the Anglican Mission, and receives and accepts oversight and accountability through a College of Consultors. This College of Consultors serves as guardians and overseers, and are responsible for preserving the vision and direction of the Anglican Mission as it expands across the globe.

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