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Why Lead in Evangelism?

Before we begin to consider leading in evangelism, it would be good to explore how we feel about evangelism and what motivates evangelism for us and others. Take a couple of minutes to reflect on your story of how you came to be a part of the church/to be a disciple of Jesus. You might wish to ask one or two others and to share your story with them.

Now consider this question: How do you feel about evangelism? Be honest with yourself even if not all the thoughts are positive or how you would want to feel or be expected to feel. Are there any connections between your story in the first question and the thoughts or words you identified in the question? How did it feel to be on the receiving end of someone else’s evangelism? What difference has that made?

This video explores five reasons to lead in evangelism, rooted in scripture and tradition.

You may have noticed several themes emerged in the video we have just watched that will be useful as you consider how you can develop evangelism in the church:

  • Connecting: with God and people. Understanding the disciple-making vocation of the church. Understanding what people think and believe today and how they become disciples of Jesus

  • Modelling: we can’t ask others to do what we are not doing ourselves. How leaders commit to sharing their faith and what this looks like

  • Ordering: how we order a community around the person of Jesus and the priorities of his kingdom. This includes shaping the culture and discerning an appropriate plan

  • Mobilising: Evangelism is a body ministry in which everyone has a part to play and we need everyone to play their part. Those in leadership enable this to happen by equipping people to play their part, and encouraging people to keep going

In the video below we hear about some of the ways that a church that used to struggle when it came to evangelism, has made changes that are helping.

Exploring Motivation Spend some time reflecting on your motivation for evangelism. The points below mirror the points discussed in the video.

  • God is a sending God

  • We are a sent people

  • There is a need for redemption

  • People are longing for a sense of belonging and fulfilment.

  • The fullness of life now and the hope of life to come.

In what ways are you personally motivated by this?

In what ways can you see the activities of our church are motivated by this?

What inhibitors can you see at work in yourself and/or our church that minimise or dismiss this motivator? Looking Ahead

This session is the first step in a process of thinking and working together towards creating an environment where we are more likely to share our faith. Here are some things to consider as we look ahead:

  1. What do you want to give thanks for from our church's own story

  2. How will you work together with others on this? There may be barriers/obstacles and risks to identify

  3. What are your hopes for how this will help you to lead in evangelism

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