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The Good & Beautiful God

“The most important aspects of our lives cannot be rushed. We cannot love, think, eat, laugh, or pray in a hurry...When we are in a hurry--which comes from overextension--we find ourselves unable to live with awareness and kindness.”

― James Bryan Smith, The Good and Beautiful God: Falling in Love with the God Jesus Knows

We will be meeting on Tuesday evenings, starting September 27th 

Books will also be made available for purchase

*It is important that you listen (audio format below) or read the first chapter before attending Sept. 27th.


Audio Format

Dramatic Sunset
- Soul Training Apprenticeship -

"Practical training to attune our soul to the reality of God."

Week at a Glance

Each week we will complete the assigned portion of the book. 

The intention is to put into practice our new knowledge by building habits & rhythms that help us to develop our spiritual life and grow in our relationship with God.

Our time together will be an opportunity to reflect on these experiences.


Invite someone you know to partner with you through this!

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