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Will you walk with me/see in a new light?

by Carol Watson

Will you walk with me into the “beyond what you can see”?

Oh it seems such a scary place probably because I have no control there.

It means that I have to trust you; for protection, for you to support me, to hold me, to feed me, to help me ......... GROW!

And yet I sense you are calling me there with a promise that if I take your hand you will lead me and we’ll work together.

You know the way - this is familiar territory for you.

I have many questions ....... Probably because I want to figure you out, to pin you down but such knowledge is not good for me to have.

Ultimately it’s so that I can know, be in control, figure it all out rather than resting in you.

I do want to walk with you - help me in my unbelief.

It’s as if my hands are both in a furry muff - to keep warm, protected from the cold;

so to take your hand I have to remove mine from the warm cozy place.

I want to know where we’re going and you smile and say “don’t worry, you’re safe with me. It’s a journey of discovery - don’t hide or try to protect your hands, I want to use them for my glory!”

I want to let go of and loosen the grip on that self protective muff.

Death to self gives life - why then is it such a struggle?

Why am I not quick to move towards this “life”?

Wounds and pain taunt me, woo me, keep me bound - holding tight to “self”,

masking the truth, the way, the life that could so wonderfully be lived ........

If only I would let go, release control, loosen the grip on this instinct.

Give me eyes to see all of this and myself in a new light.

I have felt the Lord calling us to a season of prayer (& fasting) as a community for more of what the Lord is pouring out among us. At his ascension, Jesus told his disciples to go back and wait in prayer in the city until the Father pours out His power upon them (cf. Luke 24:49). He was speaking of the Holy Spirit and this promise would be fulfilled on the Day of Pentecost, 10 days later!

Thursday May 26th is the day when we remember Jesus' ascension in the Church's calendar, and we will celebrate Pentecost on Sunday, June 5th. I would therefore like to invite you all to gather each day at 6pm in the evening for 10 days starting May 26th. We will spend about an hour worshipping, reading, praying and listening, a time in which I believe the Lord will unfold more of His purpose and provision for us here at Jericho Road. So, can I encourage you to make this a priority and part of your devotion to the Lord and to our community life? Some of you may also wish to join me in fasting in some way during this time.

With much love,

Pastor Mike.

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