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The Good News

This Sunday we will be having our annual church AGM ... perhaps not the most exciting meeting for everyone but what if we came with 'expectant faith', 'humble dependence' and 'abundant gratitude' for what the Lord is doing among us? You may have heard me talk about these inner qualities before as they are what characterized Adam's relationship to God before the fall. So perhaps too, this is what Jesus is seeking to restore in us through his life, death and resurrection and our receiving the indwelling Holy Spirit.

This Sunday I want to share a little from Peter, James and John's experience with Jesus on what has become known as the Mount of Transfiguration, where God gave them a glimpse of what he was doing in Jesus and how through Jesus they themselves would also be transformed. I believe that there is a vital message in this for us as a missional community of faith here at Jericho Road.

Over these past 2 weeks I have been in England for my father's funeral and to spend time with our extended family, especially my mum as we help her to adjust to life without her almost 70-year marriage partner. During these two weeks, with the exception of the scripted funeral service, there was no real overt reference to anything spiritual, or of God.

England in that sense, has become very secular. Spending time with brothers and their families, nephews and nieces some raising their own families, they do so without rhythms or prayer, meditation and gathered worship. Life is increasingly lived just trying to make the most of what the world offers, trying to get by without too much pain or sadness. All of this is not bad in itself, but without the light of Christ, life takes on a different purpose and meaning, if at all.

The other exception to this was an opportunity I had to talk with my elder brother about my faith journey and how I have come to know, experience and worship a God revealed in history and experienced today as One who is alive even in me through the Spirit.

This increasingly secular reality is reflected in much of Western culture today, including here in Canada. I found myself thinking and praying about our call to make Christ known here in Port Alberni and how we are to do so among a people with few, if any, sacred reference points in their lives. Life is increasingly about the individual, how they feel and what is best for them. Yet the gospel remains compellingly relevant I believe, with a transformational message to all who will listen and respond with expectant faith. Our challenge is to respond to the Spirit's promptings as he guides us in the Father's work.

May we hear afresh the Spirit's call to be those who "go" with the good news of God's kingdom invading planet earth.

Much love and prayers,

Pastor Mike.

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