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This week we started a journey with a group of people using this material from James Bryan Smith. In the introduction the writer makes this statement:

There were 2 thoughts I had as I reflected on that statement. The first one was that I wanted to adjust the statement to read, ".. to make disciples who make disciples". I say that quite intentionally because this was the task (or perhaps even commandment) given by Jesus to us all in a way at the end of all the gospels, but most explicitly in Matthew's gospel.

So my second thought was that if this gets left to the pastor, then we are in serious trouble. The goal of the Kingdom, as referenced by Frank in his sermon on Sunday, is that the ministry be 'multiplied' out among all. So the pastor, along with others, has a primary responsibility to equip the saints (i.e. every follower of Jesus) to make disciples who make disciples.

I hope for us at Jericho Road, is that we collectively create a culture of disciple-making that flows from our identity in God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. To belong to God and to be found in Him, means that we are called to be about the work He began in Jesus and called us to continue until Jesus returns ... what some have called 'The Mission of God'.

James Bryan Smith makes another interesting statement in the first chapter of his book:

Not sure what you might think about that statement but together we are exploring what a reliable pattern for transformation could look like here at Jericho Road. I believe with all my heart, that transformation is the Father's desire for us all and that it has been made possible through Jesus. This is essentially what Frank also said on Sunday, that we be conformed to the image of Christ. So this is good and vital work.

Please pray for those attending this Soul Training Apprenticeship, that the fruit of this would be our becoming more faithful followers of Jesus and that this would be multiplied far and wide for the glory of God.

With love and prayers,

Pastor Mike

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