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Living as Sons and Daughters of the King

Everything flows from our sense of who we are and why we are here. Many live upon the earth without a clear sense of a positive and healthy answer to either or even both of these questions. This is why life can begin to unravel for us as we get 'carried along' by forces that we do not know how to withstand. For the Christian however, this should not be the case, although at times we may find ourselves losing sight of or forgetting the real answers to these questions. For the next 40 days, I want us to reflecting, praying and celebrating around this theme together. "Why 40 days?" you may ask ... well, for 40 days after his resurrection and until his ascension into heaven, this is what Jesus focused upon with his followers.

The good news that we experience and get to share with others is this: Jesus is Lord and King. He sits enthroned in heaven with total authority in heaven and earth. Through our abiding faith in Him as such, evidenced by our total surrender to HIm as "our" Lord and King (i.e. He is the boss, a very good one too!), we are rescued from the dominion (i.e. control) of darkness (the devil's power over us is broken) and we have been brought into Jesus' kingdom, the Son whom God loves deeply.

Therefore, we too are loved deeply by the Father, we are Sons (& Daughters) in Christ Jesus, we are totally free from the power and penalty of sin, bathed in light of the Lord. TOTALLY FREE!! But also a "Holy People" together. What does this mean? Well, that is what we will be exploring and reorienting ourselves towards during these 40 days ... and beyond!

So, our identity is that we are beloved children of God, invited to grow up into the image and likeness of our brother, King Jesus. But this is not for ourselves primarily, just as Jesus did not consider his life his own, to do with whatever he wanted. No, rather he lived to serve His Father, God himself, for this was the reason and purpose for which He was sent to the earth, this is essentially what it means to be holy ... set apart for the purpose and glory of God.

In Christ Jesus, this becomes our purpose too, to live for God's glory by serving His purpose. Imagine my standing in front of you, putting a football (or perhaps better, a hockey puck), and saying "Score a goal!" Probably, you're going to say to me, "Where's the goal?" Life is like this, and so is life in the Kingdom, we need to see what we are aiming for ... this is the purpose of "Vision", and this is why, during these 40 days, I want us to come together on Saturday April 30th as a people, to remind ourselves of our Kingdom Vision as a Holy People here at Jericho Road. I want to ask you to make this a priority and to give yourself to this time together. We need you.

My "goal" for this time is that we would increasingly see ourselves as a people together, with a common heart and mind to live and work together for God's glory here in Port Alberni. To build upon God's revelation through the story so far, but living today in the fullness and freedom of our inheritance so that God gets the glory and Jesus is worshipped as Lord. I look forward to our continuing journey together.

Much love and prayers, Pastor Mike. PS I am still looking to visit with you if we've not done so yet, preferably at your home sometime, just to connect, listen and pray together. You can set up an appointment yourself by clicking here and choosing a day/time. Thank you.

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