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Computer Programming
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Online Safety & Security Seminar with Rob Slade

Saturday, March 18, 1:00 pm

Learn the difference between spammers & scammers!

- Robot "press 1 now" calls ("Your Visa/Amazon/Norton is being charged/will be renewed at a cost of ..." or "CRA will throw you in jail if you don't pay")

- Advance fee/lottery/419/Nigerian/Spanish Prisoner scams

There will be an extended time for questions & answers.


Robert Michael Slade, also known as Robert M. Slade and Rob Slade, is a Canadian information security consultant, researcher and instructor. He is the author of Robert Slade's Guide to Computer Viruses, Software Forensics, Dictionary of Information Security and co-author of Viruses Revealed. Slade is the author of thousands of technical book reviews, today published on the techbooks mailing list and in the RISKS Digest, and archived in his Internet Review Project. An expert on computer viruses and malware, he is also the Mr. Slade of "Mr. Slade's lists".

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